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Submit #65: First Time Giving Oral

Me and my ex still talk and hangout. Almost have a friends with benefits thing going on. One night I was at a party that one of our friends was having. I hadn’t seen my ex in three months, and I was definitely sexually frustrated.  It was getting late and everyone was starting to fall asleep. There was a tent outside, but everyone was in the living room. I followed my ex into the tent. We began kissing lightly and it became a little more aggressive. I put straddled his lap and pulled off my shirt and bra, in an instant his tongue was over my nipples, his hands massaging my breasts. I laid down and he little rubbed me through my thin shorts. He kissed my neck, knowing I wanted him to at least finger me, and moved his hands back to my breast. I was becoming impatient, so I moved his hand to the top of my shorts and he went straight to my clit. I jumped at the feeling. I was wet and I wanted to keep going. He kept sliding over my dripping opening teasing me, until he finally slid a finger into me. I moaned and licked his bottom lip while he slid another huge finger into me, stretching me with his giant fingers. He pumped in and out of me while I clawed his back. I stopped him, I wanted to give him a blowjob. I had never given him one, and I knew it bothered him that I didn’t,but tonight I just wanted to. I removed his shirt to see his flat, hard stomach. He laid down again and yanked his pants off. I kissed his neck and rubbed his dick, feeling him get hard through his boxers. I started going down, I kissed from his neck to his shoulders and trailed down to right above his boxers. I pulled them down a little to his very erect penis shoot up. I blew a hot little breath on the head and kissed it. I licked the top teasing him a little before taking it in my mouth. He was quite large, seven inches long and I was very petite with a small mouth. This was my first blowjob and I wanted to make it perfect for him. I went down and pushed his hard dick as far down my throat as I could. I heard him moan. After a few minutes of liking and sucking him, he came in my mouth. I licked it up and swallowed, knowing he would love that. I went back up and he kissed me quickly saying it was my turn.
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